Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a tumultuous relationship and are on the brink of divorce every week — that is, according to reports by publications such as In Touch Weekly and Star magazine. This time around, it’s Star magazine claiming to have the inside scoop on the Jolie-Pitt marriage, reporting the couple is headed toward a $450 million divorce.

Its cover features an image of Pitt, 52, with a furrowed brow, and Jolie, 41, wiping tears away. The bold writing reads, “Brad & Angie Divorce Announcement.” The bullet points underneath read: “$450 million split rocks Hollywood,” “Selling French chateau miraval!” and “Children ‘totally heartbroken!’”

The couple reportedly has had their “final fight.” Jolie met with a divorce attorney because “she’s fed up with what her life has become and wants to make a change,” a source told the magazine.

Despite all the tabloid reports, Pitt was purportedly “blindsided” by the news. But to make sure his assets are protected, he also will meet with a lawyer. “The divorce is bound to get ugly,” the source told Star.

For months, rumors swirled that Pitt cheated on Jolie with his “Allied” co-star Marion Cotillard. Similar speculation spun when Pitt and Jolie worked together on the 2005 film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” At the time, he was married to “Friends” alum Jennifer Aniston.

Getting married supposedly may have been what killed the Jolie-Pitt relationship. “Despite their longstanding issues, Brad and Angie truly thought that getting married would bring them closer together,” the source told Star. “The kids pressured them [to get married], and it seemed like the right decision at the time. But now the situation is a mess. The tension is constant, and it’s taking a heavy toll on them. They’ve hung on for 10 years, but right now there’s very little light at the end of the tunnel.”

Even though all the speculation about the Jolie-Pitt marriage is apparently endless, it’s “all lies,” Gossip Cop wrote in an exclusive report Wednesday. The site regularly debunks celebrity rumors and said Star magazine’s story was nothing more than tabloid fodder. “Angelina Jolie is not divorcing Brad Pitt over rumors he cheated, nor are there any trust issues between the couple,” the site said.

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