Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Space Rovio

It seems this earth is too small for the flock of angry birds whose goal in life is to destroy the greedy green pigs who stole their eggs. That's right, Angry Birds is all set to blast off into space and the date of their cosmic trip has been set for March 22..

Angry Bird's struggle against pigs who took away their eggs has scaled up and this time the birds will be pitted against the pigs deep in space!

We are VERY excited to announce our next game: Angry Birds Space! It’s going to be the biggest game launch since the original Angry Birds! Rovio said.

Rovio has given Angry Birds fans a sneak peek of what is in store

Not only is this a first for us as an integrated entertainment company, but the first time this has ever been done for a mobile game! Rovio said.

According to a Tech2 report, NASA and National Geographic have teamed up with Rovio Mobile for Angry Birds Space. With entertainment factor and space detailing by NASA and National Geographic experts, Angry Birds is going to become more addictive for sure. However, one wonders whether users will still get to catapult the angry birds with the slingshot or will the birds be launched with rockets this time.

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