Jennifer Edwards, who owns 14-Hands Ranch in Evergreen, Colorado, said that two of her animals have been intentionally hurt. The Jefferson County Animal Control had responded to reports of two injured animals at the ranch on Monday morning.

A horse and a pig were reported injured. According to Edwards, a gunshot could be the cause of the puncture wound on the neck of her horse. Her pig too was acting lethargic over the weekend and she believes someone had poisoned it.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, however, released a report saying no metal fragments were found in the horse’s wound. The report further states that the exact cause of the pig's behavior could not be identified by a vet.

The 14-Hands Ranch is a therapy ranch, which is a therapy and rehabilitation center for both animals and humans.

“Anybody that might be at risk in our community can come up here and do animal-assisted therapy," Edwards said.

The perceived commercialization and the idea of increased traffic coming into the neighborhood has the neighbors concerned, as seen from the yard signs surrounding the ranch.

Edwards, however, denied any plans to commercialize the ranch which she only purchased a year ago.

A video of a horse in a nightclub sparked outrage. Pictured: A young girl feeds a horse prior to her riding lesson at The Thomas School of Horsemanship on Sept. 28, 2005 in Melville, New York. Al Bello/Getty Images