Italian actress, Asia Argento, joined the list of allegations against Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein Getty

Anthony Bourdain fired back at the Italian newspaper Libero, calling the publication "the shame of Italy" on Friday. His tweets were in support of his girlfriend, Italian actress Asia Argento.

Renato Farina, a writer for Libero Newspaper, wrote an article that belittled Argento and other alleged victims of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Farina diminished the sexual assault accusations as a rite of passage in the entertainment industry.

"[Translated from Italian] In the world of entertainment ... sexual blackmail is the passage for female careers," Farina wrote.

Farina also mentioned A-list actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, both who have also come out with sexual harassment allegations, and said it is because of Weinstein that the public was made aware of them.

Bourdain took to Twitter again to express his distaste toward the Italian writer and publication on Friday.

"How the Italian press -- LIBERO in particular, treats victims of sexual assault is unbelievable. Pigs and dogs. @asiaargento," Bourdain tweeted."If you're looking for a hateful, sexist, steaming loaf of victim blaming dung, look no further than Renato Farina in LIBERO."

He added: "Renato Farina of s---rag, LIBERO: I hope you have the opportunity to read your @AsiaArgento piece to me personally . Ever so slowly."

Argento also spoke out on Twitter about the article and appeared to be pressing charges against the publication.

"[Translated from Italian] I have filed a lawsuit for offending my dignity and damaging my reputation with their bad article," Argento tweeted.

Argento spoke out in an article published by the New Yorker on Tuesday, which recorded Argento's gruesome story of being sexually attacked by Weinstein. The alleged attack happened in 1997 when the actress was 21 years old at a Miramax party. The actress was left alone with Weinstein when the producer made sexual advances. Twenty years later, Argento remembers the incident as a "horrible trauma."

“The thing with being a victim is I felt responsible,” Argento said in the interview. “Because, if I were a strong woman, I would have kicked him in the balls and run away. But I didn’t. And so I felt responsible.”

Once her story was published, Bourdain showed his support on social media.

"I am proud and honored to know (Argento)," Bourdain tweeted. "You just did the hardest thing."