Protesters rally against a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer in College Station, Texas, Dec. 6, 2016. Reuters

A white supremacist website was calling for its readers to "TAKE ACTION" and "troll storm" Jewish people in Montana. The Daily Stormer post was aimed at Jewish residents in the city of Whitefish and included personal information as well as photos of targeted individuals, the Missoulian reported Monday.

The Daily Stormer accused Jewish residents in Whitefish of making life difficult for the mother of avowed white nationalist Richard Spencer. The website quoted a story from Britain's the Daily Mail, saying that Sherry Spencer had been "forced to sell a building she owns in the small town because residents are rebelling against her son."

Richard Spencer is the president of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think tank which describes itself as an organization "dedicated to the heritage, identity and future of people of European descent in the United States and around the world." Spencer also put the term "alt-right" on the map when he declared himself the de-factor leader of the extremist right-wing fringe movement. Shortly after Donald Trump was elected president, Spencer and his followers held an un-sanctioned victory dinner in Washington, D.C., in which they were seen raising their hands in what appeared to be Nazi salutes.

White nationalist Richard Spencer speaks at an event not sanctioned by the school at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, Dec. 6, 2016. A white supremacist website recently urged retaliation against Jewish people for allegedly making life difficult for Spencer's mother. Reuters

On its website, the Daily Stormer referred to Jewish people as members of a "vicious, evil, race" and posted pictures of Whitefish residents with added yellow stars of David bearing the German word for Jew. The site also listed personal phone numbers, Twitter handles and email addresses alongside a declaration that it opposes violence. Two sections entitled "The Jewish Problem" and "Race War" are included on the website.

The Southern Poverty Law Center identified Andrew Anglin as the founder of the Daily Stormer. "[The] Daily Stormer website, which aptly takes its name from the gutter Nazi propaganda sheet known as Der Sturmer," the SPLC website states. "True to that vintage, Anglin is infamous for the crudity of his language and his thinking, a contrast to his sophistication as a prolific internet troll and serial harasser."