"Apex Legends" has officially announced its Season 1 event, which will contain rewards as part of its Battle Pass offer, similar to other battle royale games. Moreover, EA also confirmed that its first major event will be in celebration of Valentine’s Day during this week. Here’s what we know about these new "Apex Legends" updates.

According to EA, “Apex Legends” will launch its first season this March. Similar to other battle royale games, “Apex Legends” will also have a Battle Pass, which is a paid subscription that allows users to gain rewards as they fill the progress bar of the pass by playing. Moreover, Respawn Entertainment has promised that more weapons, loot, playable Legends and other new additions will come to the game soon. However, we’ve yet to confirm how EA and Respawn Entertainment will execute their own Battle Pass as the moment.

Meanwhile, “Apex Legends” is also expected to hold its Valentine’s Day event soon. The developers didn’t say an exact date, but it is confirmed to be coming to the game in a few days or by next week. We might also see the full event's duration last once it gets formally applied to the main game. Valentine’s Day-themed cosmetics such as Legend skins, weapon skins, poses, card backgrounds, titles, quips and other extra wearable items could be released in this event. The new cosmetics will be available in lootbox, but we’ve yet to know if “Apex Legends” will handle it similarly to "Overwatch" where the lootboxes obtained during the event will be event-themed lootboxes.

Alternatively, “Apex Legends” could also go for a separate lootbox for the regular and event versions to keep players on their toes about the event. A Valentine's Day event is interesting as some of its characters are considered part of the LGBT community such as Gibraltar, and Bloodhound is a non-specified character when it comes to gender.

For now, no concrete announcement has been made about major content aside from the Season 1 changes. For now, fans will have to enjoy the game until March to see what the plans are for this game’s growth. Waiting won’t be boring as EA confirmed that the game had a record high of 25 million players at max and currently has 2 million active players on their servers.

Apex Legends Lifeline Wallpaper
Potentially, the new updates could add another playable Legend other than Lifeline as the game's healing Support character Respawn Entertainment/EA/Apex Legends