Starting the game right can be crucial in battle royale games and "Apex Legends" is no exception. However, this game has some unique twists on its drop-off phase that you can use to supply your team with the best area for gear.

Look behind you

If you have no idea where to drop your team, you can aim your camera towards the tail end of the plane first. While you look back, you’ll be able to see the trails of the dropping characters earlier, and this can help you decide where you should place them next. Whether you want to follow other squads for an early fight or avoid them as much as you can, this tactic can help you survive much longer and avoid getting picked off early.

When you do drop, ask your teammates to spot any squads flying near you as the Jumpmaster loses control of the drop if they switch to the free look mode.

Hot Zones and Supply Ships

At the beginning of every map, there will be one Hot Zone area and one Supply Ship flying throughout the map. The Hot Zone area is a specific area that has great equipment and supplies that are lootable.

Sometimes, the Level 4 versions of regular weapons, attachments and equipment can be found in this area. The Level 4 equipment grants better or similar stats as the Level 3 counterparts and also has a unique passive. Meanwhile, a Level 4 optics Scope and Barrel Stabilizer can also be found here.

Lastly, the Level 4 weapons found are already decked out with all its best attachments upon pickup but cannot be switched out with other compatible attachments. This area can be checked in the map or the highlighted area with the large blue beam of light in-game.

Meanwhile, the Supply Ship is other large ship you can see flying across the map as the others drop off from the ship. Since the Supply Ship can be obviously seen as you drop, many players would like to go for the loot in this ship. While the loot on the ship is assured to be high level, it mostly devolves into the earliest teamfight as squads who land on the ship fight for the guns and other stuff on the ship.

If your squad wishes to get items from the Supply Ship, only pick up the ones you can see and jump ship immediately to avoid any fights that may happen.

Advanced Team Drop Tactics

Fortunately, you and your squad have a choice to pass the Jumpmaster rights to another if needed. This feature is great if your current Jumpmaster is new to the game and has no idea where to go.

Meanwhile, players also have a choice to drop alone separately from their squad if you have some big tactics in mind and are confident of your squad’s solo survival skills.

Lastly, the most important drop tactic is spreading out when nearing touchdown from a drop. While flying, players can separate themselves from the squad formation as they drop with a long hold of a button. Once spread out, the squad starts out in front of different but close areas, which allows each member to gather loot without stealing pickups from each other. This tactic assures that your teammates have some equipment when you move out, but sometimes they could be in danger against full enemy squads that they would come across.