In "Apex Legends," firefights tend to be overbearing for new players as the gunplay tends to rely more on player skill than the gun you’re using. Sometimes, landing a lot of hits on an enemy doesn’t always give you the kill and also gets you killed in the process. Here’s a quick guide on securing kills and wiping out squads efficiently.

Know your targets

It pays to know what’s going on as battle royale games tend to get manic and messy when the shots are fired. Most enemies have some colored glow surrounding them and that helps you know how vulnerable they are. So far, here are the glows you might see while shooting enemies

Gold/Yellow – Level 4 armor equipped

Purple – Level 3 armor equipped

Blue – Level 2 armor equipped

White – Level 1 armor equipped

Red - No Armor, all damage taken are dealt directly to Health

Knowing this will help you know which enemies to focus first as downing them will prevent them from fighting back. As for the helmets, they reduce headshot damage, but you should try to go for headshots both early and near the endgame to maximize damage. With no helmet, headshots deal 200 percent more damage per bullet so always try to go for it.

Go for safe kills and watch your surroundings

Once downed, the enemy crawls down on the floor where their allies can revive them. While "Apex Legends" have finishers that assures a kill on a downed enemy, it’s lengthy animation is dangerous, especially when you don’t know how many of their squadmates are left. Simply going for the finisher would mostly get you killed as their allies use your finisher animation as a window to shoot you. Getting shot while doing the finisher move cancels it and can cause the tables to be turned on your squad instead. At best, keep shooting at the downed opponent until they become a box for a clean kill. If you want to go for a finisher, ask a teammate to cover you for a safer kill.

After you see their box, resist the urge to look at their loot immediately. Check your surroundings as you’re a sitting duck as your focus is shifted on looking at the enemy’s inventory. Fortunately, your character can still move a little distance away from the box and still get its contents. While checking a Death Box, repeatedly walk from side to side as you browse to be a difficult target for other enemies.

apex legends playable legends twitter Friend or foe, you'll have to learn how to shoot any of these people that come your way.

Wipe out squads then loot

In order to efficiently kill other players and wipe out enemies, focus firing on one target would overwhelm them. Depending on the situation, ask your teammates to finish off the enemy or focus on the enemy squadmates if they can see your team. Characters will boast that they eliminated the last member of a squad which is the go signal to loot safely from your slain enemies. However, keep an eye out for other incoming squads as all the guns are loud and will always give out positions of teamfights.

Once you know this, you’ll be able to improve your shooting skill and survive longer with your friends in "Apex Legends."