The best items in "Apex Legends" shine a bright yellow and even have special bonuses unique from any other item they can find. With these items, players will have a massive advantage in fights and even last longer if played right. Here’s what we know about the legendary items in “Apex Legends.”

Level 4 items

As one of the rarest items in the map, many players would love to have a Level 4 item, not only because they give out the best stats, but also because they come with specific perks. For equipment, they grant the maximum protection or capacity along with a unique passive. Here are the known passives for Level 4 equipments so far.

  • Helmet – Tactical and Ultimate cooldowns are faster
  • Backpack – Health and Shield heals are faster
  • Armor – Fully refills shield on a successful Finisher
  • Knockout Shield – Grants one free self-revive if downed
  • Digital Threat Scope 1x – Highlights enemies in red if while aiming down sights.
  • Variable Threat Scope – Similar to Digital Threat Scope but for Snipers, reaches up 10x magnification

Unique Level 4 Weapons

So far, the Mastiff shotgun and Kraber sniper rifle are the most unique Level 4 weapons in "Apex Legends." The Kraber sniper rifle is a bolt-action rifle that hits hard, with around 70 damage on a body shot. While the rifle hits hard, it has a distinct booming noise when fired, and players need to remove the bullet case per shot.

Meanwhile, the Mastiff shotgun has a wide but reliable spread which deals 100 damage per hit. The shotgun is reliable enough to hit targets with hip fire while sliding down. For most guys, slide shooting without aiming down sights makes for many inaccurate shots.

Level 4 versions of regular guns

Sometimes, players will find a legendary version of the common guns like the Wingman and others. Unlike their regular counterparts, these guns are decked out with the best attachments available to the gun. For players with specific gun favorites, looking out for these ones could be an advantage.

Where to get

When you enter areas, the game introduces the area's name and the tier level of the loot found in the area. Usually, High Tier Loot areas have these around lying around. Also, Care Packages, noted by the blue circle pings in your minimap, can also have these. Lifeline’s ultimate can also have a chance to have these legendary gear but only for the defensive equipment and scopes. Lastly, defeated players who hold a Level 4 gear will have their death boxes glow yellow orange.