Respawn Entertainment has recently confirmed that it’ll find ways to deal with Keyboard and Mouse users for the console version of Apex Legends. Using these equipment, which are normal for PC play, often gives unfair advantage when used on the console version.

As seen on the official “Apex Legends” Reddit, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that they condone using keyboards and computer mice on the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game. The developers are currently making ways to detect players doing this on the platform. While technology about detection of these users are in place, the developers have yet to confirm about the punishments to such players.

Many battle royale games on console ,such as “Fortnite” and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds,” have been actively handling keyboard and mouse players too. Epic Games’ “Fortnite” sorts out these players in their own queue to prevent them from matching with regular controller players.

Meanwhile, the console “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” allows keyboard and mouse as per Microsoft’s stance for Xbox One games. However, the game’s developers themselves have barred support for these peripherals which completely removes these players out of the game.

The keyboard and mouse setup is normal for PC players as the keyboard supports the player’s movement while the mouse provides control for the aim. No first person shooter developer has been able to solve the problem where PC control setup system and the console controllers are on fair ground.

While the regular console pad controllers do the job fine, it’s noticeably slower when it comes to controlling the camera which is crucial for a game that needs players to aim at enemies. The computer mouse also allows snappy camera controls which allow players to move faster and react on instinct.

This problem could also be seen in Blizzard Entertainment’s “Overwatch” where most of its competitive eSports games are only seen on PC. With the detection system in “Apex Legends” for these players, Respawn Entertainment joins these developers in trying to figure out how to make it fair for players.

The developers have yet to reveal when they’ll roll out this keyboard and mouse player detection system in “Apex Legends.”

Apex Legends
Apex Legends recently introduced update 1.2 which makes quite a few changes to the game. One of the more controversial changes is the removal of the bunny-hop heal, a technique used by many players. sercan çetin / Flickr