Apex Legends Bloodhound wallpaper
Despite his skills, Bloodhound only ever uses his knife in Finisher moves against enemies. Respawn Entertainment/EA/Apex Legends

Each playable legend in “Apex Legends” has three unique skills that make them unique and helpful in any team fight. However, their descriptions in the select screen don’t actually sell the whole utility of each skill in the game. Here’s what we know about the secret interactions of each character and their skills in “Apex Legends.”


Bloodhound’s ability focuses on detecting enemies around him and finding clues that could lead him to them. His unique passive allows the player to see tracks left by other players such as footsteps, item pickups, and recent deaths when he runs near it. More than just seeing it themselves, Bloodhound players can actually ping on these clues to inform their team that they have found something. This tactic will help your teammates know and orient themselves with any incoming enemy in the area.

Meanwhile, his tactical ability allows him to detect nearby foes through sending out a scanning circle. While it does detect other foes, other players, whether they are a friend or enemy, can actually see the scanning circle, which could give away Bloodhound’s position too. Use this to your advantage when fighting against him.

Lastly, his ultimate allows players to see nearby enemy players through walls and other obstacles which makes it easy to find and fight them. However, the ultimate also buffs Bloodhound’s movement speed, allowing him to approach enemies ridiculously fast, reposition himself for a better shot or simply run away from fights and toward the safe zone ring.


While his Arm Shield is beneficial to be on at any time, it’s big energy light could give your position away when you try to use your weapon’s scope to check far areas. Fortunately, this skill can be turned off and on depending on your needs.

Meanwhile, Gibraltar’s Dome Shield allows you to protect anything inside its bubble. However, this shield doesn’t operate on shield health and will be sturdy enough to block out any damage throughout its full duration. Bullets cannot penetrate and grenades will bounce off it. Despite this strength, grenades thrown inside it will bounce within, which could make it one of its weaknesses.

Lastly, Gibraltar’s ultimate is not a “defensive” tool as the rocket bombardment it makes explodes on impact and any target caught will be slowed down inside it. As a last ditch effort, Gibraltar players can call this ultimate on themselves and drop their Dome Shield to protect themselves with a massive salvo of explosions.


So far, Lifeline’s passive allows her to revive allies faster and she generates a shield while doing so. Played smart, you can aim this protective shield toward attacking foes to help your teammates with some temporary cover as you fight.

Meanwhile, the Health Drone has some case of the Hippocratic Oath attached to it as it doesn’t discriminate when it’s healing friends or foes. While the chance of healing enemies is unlikely, misplaced Health Drones left alone could be a chance for opposing enemies to heal up in battle.

Lastly, her Care Package drop has a warning landing zone spot for a reason as it can kill enemies who stand below it as it drops from the sky.


Pathfinder’s passive allows him to interact with Survey Beacons scattered across the map. These beacons provide him with intel about the one ring in advance, which allows squads to plan ahead as the ring closes. Mostly, these beacons are placed on rooftops and high places and can only be seen in the first round in the match. Players will have to remember where they are or look at the minimap for any nearby beacons to use.

Meanwhile, the Grappling Hook is one of Pathfinder’s main movement tools as it allows him to climb buildings fast as he latches onto surfaces and propels himself higher. Alternatively, players can shoot the hook towards other players, which pulls Pathfinder to the enemy to be just in range for a quick punch or a painful barrage of close range gunfire.

While the Zipline Gun is a straightforward ultimate that spawns ziplines for anybody’s use, it’s actually the ultimate with the fastest cooldown, which makes it a reliable tool for escape, mobility and catching up to the right if needed.


Sometimes, her passive doesn’t trigger all the time and could be lost in intense gunfights as it sounds similar to her own voice. Make sure to keep your subtitles up to not miss out on the voice’s warnings if ever you need it. As designed, the voices warn you if you’ve been detected or aimed at by other foes.

So far, her tactical skill allows her to phase out and run away from battles to a safe spot. Unfortunately for her, she loses her ability to discern any shapes of foes and leaves behind a trail as she runs away. Use this to your advantage when tracking her down.

Lastly, her ultimate is one of the useful ones as she can leave portals that anybody can use. Straightforwardly, users can activate their ultimate to scout a position and use the portal to get back to safety if they find danger. Moreover, users are invulnerable while traveling in portals and can still use them when downed for a massive leap of escape.


So far, her unique passive can be triggered through throwing grenades at yourself and works reliably in teamfights. When activating the speed boost, make sure to run to a safe spot or an advantageous vantage point to gun down foes to not waste it.

Meanwhile, the Smoke grenades actually deal 10 damage when it hits foes, which could be helpful in situations where you need to squeeze out every point of damage. Moreover, the skill can also be used while doing other actions, such as shooting or healing up.

Similar to Gibraltar’s ultimate, Bangalore calls down a bombardment of missiles to an area to blast targets to smithereens. However, her version of it turns the area into a minefield of missiles that detonate in a snakelike formation. If able to run and not caught in the explosions yet, knowing this pattern can help you escape from the bombardment yourself.


While Nox Vision feels like an underwhelming skill as it simply allows you to see through your own poison gas, it actually marks enemies trapped in the gas in a green highlight which makes it easy for you to pick them off.

Meanwhile, the Nox Gas Trap can block space and actually bar doors from opening if you place it right in front of it, and in the middle of stairs to annoy any pursuers who want to go up. Overall, the Nox Gas Trap might be useless in large, open areas, but it does make close quarters fight in favor of Caustic if needed.

While he does seem to be the most menacing of the playable characters, Caustic’s ultimate is rather simple as it allows him a special gas grenade to throw at foes. Its throwing trajectory works similar to regular grenades which allows players to aim it easily and it activates on impact. Since the Nox toxic gas slows down foes and prevents sprinting while in it, Caustic players can follow it up with other grenades like Arc Stars, Frag Grenades and Thermite Grenades to make the gas cloud more lethal that its dismal 2-10 damage per second stayed within the gas.


Most of Mirage’s skills center on trickery and fooling other players of his position. When he gets downed, Mirage leaves down a clone that overreacts over his death and stealths the real one as he crawls around. The cloak is not fully invisible as it still has outlines of the character and can be killed off with a Finisher, which can be handy if you need to dispose of him fast.

Meanwhile, his tactical skill allows him to send a clone to an area and stand around to fool his opponents. If played right, you can send a clone another way and act like a clone yourself, such as sprinting forward and suddenly stopping, to confuse your foes. Even though it may not be as surprising when a massive fight breaks out, it can also be used as early as the first drop off to fool other squads as another skydiver shows up diving along with them. Use this to scare or distract other players accordingly.

Lastly, his ultimate sends more than a squad’s worth of clones to an area, which can massively disorient foes. This skill also applies an invisible cloak to Mirage which could be used for escaping or sneaking behind foes. Potentially, you can use these clones as cover as you run past them or blend it and act among them as they assume you’ve escaped somewhere.