A British couple whose Northampton home was burglarized left a stinging apology note to the burglars for not having much to take and thanking the culprits for leaving their fingerprints for authorities.

The “Dear Burglars” note left by Kate Barrett, 36, and Dan Owens, 34, has gone viral.

“Thanks for popping by the other night and we’re sorry we didn’t have more for you to take,” is how the apology note starts off. “As you now know, we don’t have particularly expensive tastes so there’s no need to come in again, unless you like to take my collection of VHS videos and cassettes – Dan is very disappointed you didn’t take these first time round.

“If you would like them just knock on the front door and ask – no need to break another patio door as it’s dreadfully hard work cleaning up all the glass. Thanks for all the finger prints [sic] – we really appreciate those. Lots of love, Kate + Dan,” the apology note reads.

Barrett said she was shocked by how the apology note to the burglars spread around social media.

"When I posted it on social networking sites - I never expected the reaction I got,” she told the Telegraph. "People seem to think it is brilliant and have said it's admirable how we've coped with the burglary while keeping a smile on our faces.”

Owens, a public relations professional, said the burglary occurred Sunday while he was at his parents’ home and Barrett went to see a live show in London.

"She called and I came straight over and the place had been ransacked,” he told the BBC.

The burglary is being investigated by Northamptonshire Police; authorities are asking for any potential witnesses to come forward.

Owens said he’s been able to estimate around what time the burglary occurred thanks to his DVR.

“We were able to pinpoint the time they left as we were recording the X-Factor results show - which had cut out 42 minutes in,” he said, according to the Daily Mail. “So they tried to nick the TV at 8.42pm - hopefully that will narrow it down for any witnesses.”