• Apple is adding the seventh-gen iPod Nano to the Vintage and Obsolete products list
  • This means it might be near impossible to have the device serviced
  • The device will be added to the list by the end of the month, a report said

Apple could declare the last iPod Nano model a vintage product soon, a report reveals.

Cupertino tech giant Apple will be including the seventh-gen iPod Nano to its dreaded list of Vintage and Obsolete products this month, MacRumors reported. This is the last model to be added to the list, which means the iPod Nano has run its course and is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Despite becoming vintage, seventh-gen iPod Nano models that are in good condition will still be able to do the things they were designed to do. Owners can still use the device to play their favorite music as long as it is still in working condition.

What's different now is the ease of getting hardware service in the event that it gets damaged.

According to Apple, vintage products are those products that haven't been manufactured in more than five but less than seven years.

These devices, though old, can still be serviced for hardware issues via Apple retail stores and Apple service providers. Getting the products serviced, however, depends on the availability of needed parts or components.

However, vintage products are still easier to repair compared to obsolete products.

According to Apple, obsolete products are those that have not been manufactured, or have been discontinued, for seven years or more. Since the company had already stopped making them, it will be very hard, even impossible, to get Apple-certified parts to use for servicing.

That said, those who own a seventh-gen iPod Nano in need of hardware service should not waste time to have the device repaired while parts are in stock. Apple last refreshed the device in 2015 to add new color options for consumers. This means parts can still be sourced and used for repairs.

Apple is planning on adding the device to the Vintage and Obsolete list at the end of the month, along with the fifth-generation iPod Touch that was released on Oct. 11, 2012. Those who use the latter are also advised to get the device serviced for repairs if they still can.

Apple iPod Nano 5th gen
Apple iPod Nano 5th gen in different colors. Apple