Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice-president of worldwide marketing, has finally responded to the growing rage over MacBook Pro 2016’s battery issues. Following the ratings agency Consumer Reports' refusal to recommend the device to consumers, Schiller tweeted Friday that he is working with CR to “understand their battery tests.”

He further said that CR’s results did not match the information obtained from Apple’s lab tests and field data.

Consumer Reports said in its evaluation posted Thursday that the MacBook Pro 2016 failed to earn its recommendation over battery issues. The report stated that despite having done well in terms of display and performance, the MacBook Pro’s battery life varied dramatically from one trial to another.

Complaints about MacBook Pro 2016 have been repeatedly posted on Apple’s support forum since the device’s release in November. Consumer Reports tested three models — a 13-inch one with Touch bar, and one without the Touch bar, and a 15-inch model. In final calculations, these models scored the lowest in terms of battery life on the CR chart.

Consumer Reports, however, added that such flaws of the device can be easily corrected using a software update and it would conduct fresh tests whenever such an update is issued for the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro is not the only Apple product riddled with battery problems. Its iPhone 6s units have also been suffering from battery issues, for which the company recently started a battery replacement program