Apple is planning to make its own credit card service through the Apple Card app. Interested users can now apply for the app through the company’s official site. However, the card also has its own requirements to apply for one.

As seen on the official Apple site, the requirements and guides to apply for an Apple Card are there. Users can apply for the Apple Card through their Wallet app in their iPhone or iPad. Users on iPads can also find the application through the Settings options and tap on the Wallet & Apple Pay option. The Apple Card requires the device to use it as a payment option in stores.

After that, Apple would send an email about the application and what else would the company needed to subscribe to the service. So far, the site notes that the applicant should be a US citizen, old enough to hit legal age, and their device is compatible with Apple Pay.

As for traversing your phone to know which apps to press to apply, Apple also has a video to help users to easily locate the apps needed to apply for the Apple Card. Simply follow the video from the official site and users should find it easy to apply as long as they satisfy all the conditions for the Apple card.

As for the eligible devices, the Apple Card only works on devices with biometric security features with them. iPhones with Face ID or TouchID are eligible. The iPhone 5s and other iPhones without these features are ineligible for this feature. Lastly, iPads are also okay to support the Apple Card if it has either TouchID or FaceID.

Users can also opt to let Apple notify them if the Apple Card is officially released and available. On the Apple Card’s official site, the credit card service is expected to arrive this Summer 2019. While no exact dates have been revealed, many of Apple’s new services and subscriptions will be available by late 2019. It’s possible that the Apple Card could be released once Apple starts officially rolling out these new services.