It's hard to imagine the charismatic, temporarily-on-leave chief executive of Apple, Steve Jobs, not being comfortable or familiar with the spotlight. Over the past few years, Jobs has unveiled product after product as the face of Apple under the bright glow of cameras and constant media coverage.

However, a few blogs recently uncovered this old video of Jobs looking very unfamiliar with the spotlight. The original YouTube poster who put it up last week said the video is a dubbed VHS of Jobs preparing for a Nightline interview from approximately 1978. In the video, Jobs is amazed to see himself on a television monitor and is unsure of the entire TV recording process.

If the video is in fact from 1978, Jobs would have been approximately 23 years old, and it would have taken place two years after Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne co-founded Apple. Today, Jobs is worth approximately $6.1 billion.

He was recently in the news for taking a temporary leave of absence at Apple for health reasons and handing the reins of the company over to chief operating officer Tim Cook. A news report said Jobs was spotted at Apple looking healthy and happy.

Here is the video of a turtleneck-less Steve Jobs.