Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks in front of an image of an iPhone 4S at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks in front of an image of an iPhone 4S at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California October 4, 2011. Reuters

It was an outright disappointment for the tech world Tuesday as Apple played the game its own way, announcing the sequel of iPhone 4, the “new iPhone 4S,” and not the much-anticipated iPhone 5.

After one hour of “Let’s talk iPhone” it was an utter disappointment to see iPhone 4S and a new iPod, but not the next-generation iPhone 5.

Tim Cook, the new CEO, said “he loves Apple,” but it seems he doesn’t feel the same for its enthusiastic customers, who were eagerly anticipating the iPhone 5. He talked about everything else: the new store, its pictures, iPods, iTunes, iPad, iOS devices, iCloud, iPhone, finally iPhone 4s, but there was no iPhone 5.

Earlier Tuesday, there were truckloads of rumors and speculations about the much-hyped Apple’s iPhone event, but now it seems it was nothing more than a smart strategy by Apple. It seems Apple is trying to follow the Galaxy-S route.

Cook called 4S a “world phone,” as it has both GSM and CDMA. For some it could be a fancy, smart device, but for most it is sheer disappointment as it nowhere equals the expectations, features and the craze for the rumored iPhone 5.

“Let’s talk iPhone” talked about everything but not the real iPhone, which could have been the biggest news in the tech market. After Steve Jobs' resignation, this was supposed to be Cook's big announcement. But Apple has played a smart game. Firstly, by increasing the thirst for the new device with the 16-month gap in the iPhone cycle, and now by unveiling the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5.

Apple is back in action after playing the smart silent game, without bothering about the disappointment of its loyal fans.

Some details about the “new” iPhone 4S:

The company unveiled the revised model of last year’s iPhone 4, i.e. the new iPhone 4S, in its media event at the Cupertino, Calif., headquarters Tuesday.

The new iPhone has the in-built voice recognition software, Siri, which understands the context, allowing you to speak naturally when you ask it questions.

The iPhone 4S comes with a dual-core A5 processor, which is expected to deliver two times faster CPU performance and up to seven times faster graphics performance.

Apple has staged a three-way race among the top wireless carriers in the U.S., Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, to support the iPhone.

The iPhone 4S will come in black and white colors at the cost of $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 32GB model and $399 for the 64GB model. The device will be available from Apple's Web site and retail stores.

The iPhone 5 still remains a mystery, but at least now it's quite clear that Sprint will be an exclusive carrier for iPhone 5, whenever it comes.

Apple's event was expected to put an end to all the rumors, instead it has raised even more questions, along with mass disappointment.