The internet went wild after a photo of a man who looks very similar to Apple found Steve Jobs was posted on social media.

A photo of a person who looked very identical to Apple founder Steve Jobs appeared on social media over the weekend and sparked a lot of conspiracy theories, CNet reported.

The photo was first spotted via a Facebook post from a user named Ahmed Basyouney. It’s unclear if Basyouney owned the photo or that if he was the one who took it. What’s known is that he posted it online with a caption that reads (translated from Arabic), “Steve jobs sitting on a coffee in ạlạmyryh.”

The man in the photo was sitting on a plastic chair as he joined other people over something. He was barefoot just like Jobs always was, wears a pair of eyeglasses that looked similar to the one the late Apple founder wore, and also had the same hairstyle that Tim Cook’s predecessor had.

It’s worth noting that the photo showed just one side of the Steve Jobs lookalike. There aren’t any additional photos showing him in another angle, which would’ve added credibility to his identity and similarity to the late Apple mogul.

As of writing time, Basyouney’s post has been shared via social media more than 2,800 times. Ironically, it has only received about 1,300 likes and reactions.

One glaring detail

Given their resemblance (at least from one side), it’s understandable that some people would think that the man in the photo would actually be Steve Jobs himself. Some think that Jobs “faked” his death and hid in Egypt all this time, watching how Apple performs from a distance.

Some eagle-eyed netizens, however, noticed a very glaring detail that served as evidence that it’s not him: He’s not wearing an Apple Watch.

“If Steve Jobs were really alive,” wrote one Twitter user, “I doubt that he would be keeping quiet about the rumored ceramic casing of the upcoming Apple Watch.”

“OMG Steve Jobs doesn’t wear an Apple Watch!” a Reddit user wrote, to which other Reddit users responded,


Some liked to poke fun at the photo and said Apple should hire Steve Jobs’s lookalike and “start a campaign” that the late Cupertino tech giant founder “is back from the dead.”

Another simply said that the guy in the photo is a relative. “It's actually his cousin,” the netizen said. “Jeve Stobs.”

Steve Jobs
A photo of a man who looks like Steve Jobs is causing a stir on the internet. Reuters