iBooks 2 Platform

Apple Inc. has totally revolutionized the way students learn with the introduction of its iBooks 2 app. It is no secret that paper textbooks can be boring and really cumbersome, hence making concentration and learning difficult. But through the iBook 2 apps learning becomes an interactive process. Readers aren't only looking at words on a page, but are treated with interactive diagrams, photos and videos that simply make learning.

Forget having the unsightly dog ear that's often seen on the pages of paper books. With the iBooks 2 app readers flip through the pages of their interactive book by sliding their finger along the bottom of the screen. Hence, books stay new forever.

But the iBooks 2 app isn't the only app that is making study sessions easier. Here are four other apps you can add to your iPhone or iPad that will make managing your homework and studies much easier.

1. myHomework app: This app helps students keep track of their assignments, classes and any due dates. With this app you get a calendar and you will be reminded about what due. Learn more about this app at myhomeworkapp.com.

2. Class Notes app: This app is like a digital notebook. It allows you to input your courses and organize your school notes. Additionally, you will be able to send notes as e-mail, review your timetable and more. This app is good for anyone juggling multiple classes. Learn more here.

3. Study Room app: This is a flash card app that will help with studying. With this app students can create as many flash cards as they desire and customize the content of each card on both the front and the back. Click here to learn more.

4. iStudiez Pro app: With this app students can keep track of courses, deadlines, plan homework, arrange assignments and more. According to iTunes, this app was the 2010 Best Young Adults App for iPad, 2010 Best Parenting App for iPad and the 2009 Best App Ever Award Winner in Education category. Find out more here.