• Apple introduces a new feature called App Clips in iOS 14
  • It basically allows users to see working previews of certain apps
  • The feature lets users test app features before downloading them to their iPhones

Apple has packed a lot of enhancements and new features into iOS 14, giving consumers the best iPhone user experience currently available. One of these improvements is App Clips, a new feature that lets users see a working preview of apps they have not yet downloaded and installed on their device.

App Clips present users with mini, web-based versions of certain apps on the iOS App Store. These mini apps aren't packed with features. They simply demonstrate what an app is capable of doing, showing their value in an attempt to get the user to download them.

Those who try the App Clip version will even have the information they entered ported to the full app if they download it.

The feature will let users do many things, such as order food, set up a new connected appliance, pay for shared rides and so on. As long as apps offer App Clips, users will be able to enjoy them without installing them.

One App Clips use case scenario relates to ordering food via Panera Bread. The bakery-cafe offers an App Clip that iPhone users can take advantage of to order food without having to install its app. Here's how to use it:

  • First, users will need to open Apple Maps. The App Clip can be accessed via the navigational app.
  • Second, users should look for a nearby Panera Bread. Users can simply search for “Panera Bread.”
  • Third, users should tap on a nearby location once it is shown.
  • Fourth, users will then be presented two options: “Order Food” and “Directions.” Users should select Order Food.
  • Fifth, users can then view the Panera Bread menu right there inside the App Clip. They can select the sandwich or other food items they want, choose the pickup method and tap on Pay with Apple Pay. Of course, users will then need to get the food from the store.

This is but one of the things App Clips will allow users to do. More App Clips might become available in the near future, allowing users to do more without taking up storage space.

Apple App Clips A screenshot of the new App Clips for iOS 14 as seen in Apple's Developer page. This feature allows developers to give users a preview of what their apps can do. Photo: Apple