jbos7 Lock Screen
The jbOS7 theme gives Android phones an iOS 7-like user environment. shmogt

Many smartphone enthusiasts believe that Apple has made its recently unveiled iOS 7 system a lot more like Android systems, but now Android users can make their device look like an Apple system with the new jbOS7 theme.

Apple unveiled the new iOS 7 last Monday, introducing a sleek new design ironically reminiscent of Android systems.

The jbOS7 theme alters the design of Android’s most current version, Jelly Bean, into something that looks a lot more iOS 7-esque. Not only does the theme bring the new iOS 7 blue motif home screen to Android, it also includes two additional home screens that act as apps.

“It is more than just a background image with some icons,” jbOS7 creator shmogt told CNET via email. Using custom icons and TeslaCoil Software's Nova Launcher home screen replacement app, shmogt aims to bring as much of an iOS feel to Android as possible.

The first alternate home screen provides weather information, while the second home screen brings up the main page of the calendar application. When users access either the weather or calendar icons, they will be taken to the respective home screens as opposed to an application.

The jbOS7 theme is available through DropBox and is currently optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S3 but works on other devices as well.

Many people favor Android systems for the fact that they are highly customizable. While developers have the ability to make iOS skins for Android, they cannot create Android skins for iOS. However, Apple prides itself on the exclusivity of its systems, which makes them difficult to customize beyond various jailbreak methods.

Do you think the iOS 7 theme looks better on an Android phone or an iPhone? Sound off in the comments below.

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