Apple is likely to stick to the two-week release cycle for its iOS 7 betas and will made the third beta available on July 8. Apple

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) rolled out the second beta of iOS 7 to its registered developers on Monday, exactly two weeks after the first beta was released, following the WWDC 2013 keynote on June 10. Now a new report claims that the third beta version of the redesigned firmware could only be more than a week away.

Apple is likely to stick to the two-week release cycle for its iOS 7 betas and will make the third beta version of the software available on July 8, BGR reports.

“BGR has been informed by trusted sources that iOS 7 beta 3 is currently scheduled to be made available to carriers for testing on July 8,” the report stated. “These are the same sources who accurately foretold the release timing of Apple’s last iOS 7 beta, and just like iOS 7 beta 2. It is likely that the new software will be released to developers on the same day it reaches carriers.”

The iOS 7 Beta 2 included support for the iPad and the iPad mini, which was missing in the first beta release. Therefore, the beta 3 is expected to be made available to all compatible iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV.

Take a look at the iOS versions development cycles chart, made by developer Will Hains:

iOS 7 beta 3
iOS versions development cycles chart. Will Hains /

The second beta version of iOS 7 also introduced a lot of new features and UI modifications, such as HDR photography capability for the iPad camera, Voice Memos app, hassle-free Google contacts syncing and more natural-sounding male and female voice options for Siri, among others.

Having said that, the subsequent betas are likely to fine-tune iOS 7’s design elements further, while also adding new features and tweaks to the revamped software, ahead of its fall release.

“We are told Apple is still working on refining iOS 7′s design in order to make it cohesive across the entire OS, and we should see further refinements in beta 3,” the BGR report said.