iPad 3
Right after the release of the iPad 2 for quite some time now, many techies are anticipating the release of the iPad 3 especially that the iPhone 4S is already out in the field. So far, rumors have mentioned that it will be having a 4G LTE connection, aside from WiFi and 3G in the cellular network. It may also have Siri with it, as prompted on the iOS 5 support, plus a retina display that can be a threat with other competitors. Reuters

Even though Apple doesn't like to reveal anything about its new releases before an official announcement, legions of fans want to know what they can look forward to when Apple upgrades the iPad 2 to the iPad 3 (or iPad 2S). That's because $500 is enough money to get people to think hard about buying the iPad 2 this close to an iPad 3 launch. Who wants to pay that much money for a tablet that is not as functional as a potential sequel?

Unfortunately, this problem will always be with us in the consumer tech world, so here's what is different about the iPad 3 compared to iPad 2. The iPad 2 has a 9.7-inch screen with a 1024x768p resolution touchscreen display, 16 gigabytes of storage, 3G radio (optional), 720p video capture with the rear-facing camera and 10 hours of battery life (Web browsing over Wi-Fi). It can also boot up nearly instantly from its sleeping state and stream content to an HDTV using the Apple TV device. The ipad 2 can also connect directly to an HDTV if you don't have Apple TV. You just need the AV Digital Adaptor and cable. The iPad 2 is $500 for the 16 GB version.

The iPad 3 is still a mystery, but many observers agree it will be a $500 tablet with the same size screen as the iPad 2. It could also debut a QXGA 2048x1536p resolution display. That would double the current resolution and make for a very realistic display with more lifelike images.

Another rumor is it will include Siri the voice recognition software from the iPhone 4S, but in an enhanced version with more languages supported. 4G LTE connectivity may not be entirely out of the question, but that would likely mean a bigger battery and a later launch. That's because the 4G capable chips Apple would use aren't ready for a March debut, and that is when many analysts say the iPad 3 will debut.

Tell us in the comments what your favorite iPad 3 rumor is so far.

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