Apple is recently facing a new lawsuit which involves defective MacBooks from the company. The complainant notes that the MacBook issues gave them burn injuries. The lawsuit has yet to fully reach its verdict.

The New York Supreme Court currently holds the filing that states that Yoland Oyiya sustained burn injuries from using a defective MacBook. The incident occurred back in 2016 which burned the complainant’s left leg and got other undisclosed serious and permanent personal injuries.

New York state law still allows product liability cases if the complainant files it three years after. The case is still valid and Apple will have to sort this issue out to protect their brand and the MacBook line. The lawsuit against Apple also notes that the MacBook sold to the complainant was claimed to be defective and broke down even when used with care. Lastly, the complainant seeks compensation for the damages and injuries they’ve received due to the defective MacBook.

In light of these issues, Apple did have a defective MacBook in 2015. The company has already pulled out all these defective MacBooks as these batch did have defective batteries and overheating issues. However, the complainant didn’t specify the model of their MacBook which could be revealed later as the case proceeds further.

Apple has yet to give a statement to solve this issue with this MacBook. For those who want to check if their MacBook, Apple has a support page to easily check if your laptop’s serial number matches the batch of those defective MacBooks.

Currently, Apple is still working on and focused on introducing their new services and subscriptions to iPhone, iPad and all the other Apple devices to their consumers. More than providing more entertainment choices with the Apple devices, the company has also been slowly transitioning into other services.

Apple now has a credit card service with the Apple Card and integrating Apple Wallet to use as student IDs in select universities throughout the US. The company has not been too focused on new devices and has no teased release this coming September. Proceedings of this case may go quietly if a new MacBook isn’t going to be released soon.