• Apple is expected to announce new devices via an event next week
  • A leaker claims one of the rumored devices, the AirPods Studio, will not be revealed during this event
  • The tipster says mass production of the device will only be completed a week after the event

Apple is scheduled to host a new event a few days from now. One device rumored to be among those that will be announced in the hardware event is the new AirPods Studio, the company's first over-ear headphones to be released under the AirPods branding. A prominent leaker, however, claims that it won't be unveiled there.

Well-known tipster Jon Prosser, who has a noteworthy 74.5% accuracy rate when it comes to Apple leaks and rumors (per leak monitoring site AppleTrack), tweeted that the new “AirPods Studio will NOT be in the event” that's scheduled to take place on Tuesday at 10 a.m. EDT. He said the information comes from three sources, the names of whom he did not divulge.

Prosser said that according to the unnamed sources, “AirPods Studio mass production isn't complete until October 20th.” This means the device, whether it's the luxury version that users leather-like material or the fitness-focused model that uses HomePod mesh, will not be ready for release during the upcoming Apple Event.

The leaker added that due to this, Apple will have several options:

  • First, Apple might still announce the new device during the event but start shipping them to buyers at the end of this month or the beginning of the next month.
  • Second, the company might announce the new AirPods Studio by way of a press release toward the end of the month when mass production is completed.
  • Third, Apple might push the AirPods Studio reveal to another event set for November. This event, according to Prosser, “is gonna be nuts.”

The leaker indicated that he doesn't really know how Apple plans to announce the new AirPods Studio. What's known right now is that the Cupertino tech giant will unveil it one way or another.

Some signs already pointed to the eventual reveal and release of the AirPods Studio, and all that it needs is to be officially launched. Fans are advised to stay tuned for more details as they come.

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