Apple Music already offers curated playlists that are updated weekly. But now it looks like the music streaming service is once again adding a new kind of playlist that will make its platform a lot more social.

A Reddit user named Reesyy recently discovered that Apple is currently rolling out a new weekly playlist called “Friends Mix.” Apparently, the new weekly playlist will feature songs that a user’s Apple Music friends are listening to. The new playlist will include friends’ profile pictures on the songs so users will know exactly which of their friends are listening to that particular song.

Since this is a curated playlist that’s updated every week, Friends Mix will be updated every Monday. A Friends Mix playlist will include 25 tracks, much like Apple Music’s other weekly curated playlists, according to MacRumors. Although the new playlist might not come across like a big deal for many, it makes Apple Music more social and that should help it compete better with Spotify.

Apple appears to be taking advantage of its social features that it first introduced with iOS 11 last year. Subscribers of Apple Music can easily follow friends and they can follow back. With the introduction of Friends Mix, Apple is once again expanding the capabilities of its music streaming service.

Friends Mix is located in the For You section of Apple Music and it joins Favorites (updated on Tuesdays), Chill (updated on Fridays) and New Music (updated on Sundays) mixes as the fourth weekly curated playlist on the platform. Apple began offering curated playlists in 2016.

Right now, Friends Mix is only appearing to some Apple Music subscribers. It also doesn’t appear to be tied to iOS 12 or any other beta software that Apple has released recently, as pointed out by 9To5Mac. It’s very likely that the new playlists will be available to all Apple Music subscribers in the coming days or weeks.