Apple China
Apple CEO Tim Cook waves as he attends a talk at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Oct. 23, 2014. Reuters

Apple University is looking for a new dean in China. The Cupertino, California-based Apple corporate training program is reportedly looking to expand overseas in the near future, according to 9to5Mac.

Apple Vice President and Apple University Dean Joel Podolny, formerly of the Yale School of Management, is said to be spearheading the effort and interviewing candidates in the region.

Apple University is designed to educate Apple employees about the vision of Steve Jobs, the company’s culture, history and the methodologies used in developing and marketing its products. Its full-time faculty comes from a number of high-profile schools such as Yale, Harvard and Stanford. Though the program has been around since 2008, it was long shrouded in mystery until recent months, when the New York Times published an article profiling its operations.

Though Apple has offered some Apple University classes overseas, this will be the first time Apple fully expands the program to a region outside of the U.S. The program will reportedly be used to bolster its Chinese employees’ understanding of Apple culture.

Apple’s worldwide human resources division was also previously headed by Podolny, who handed the role to Denise Young Smith in February so he could focus full time on Apple University, according to Bloomberg.

As Apple continues its global expansion, it has paid particular attention to China, which accounted for $29.8 billion, or 16 percent, of its sales in 2014. It currently employs about 5,000 people in its Chinese corporate, marketing and retail operations, according to an unnamed source speaking to 9to5Mac. While Apple has 15 retail stores in Greater China, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he plans to expand to 40 stores within two years, China’s Sina reported in October. While China has yet to surpass Apple’s net sales in the U.S., some analysts believe it may grow to be the company’s largest market in the coming years.