• Apple is said to be making a multitasking system for iPhones soon
  • This update will be added on iPhones once iOS 14 rolls in
  • The reveal is said to happen on the Worldwide Developers Conference 2020

A new iOS 14 feature has been leaked just recently. The new feature would allow the iPhone to handle multitasking better once the update arrives. Apparently, the new changes would be revealed in the upcoming Apple event in the middle of the year.

According to known leaker Ben Geskin, Apple will be adding the new multitasking system on the iOS 14. The new system allows four apps to show up on the screen at the same time. Moreover, swiping to the right provides a list of other apps that can be switched into the multitasking system. In previous leaks, Geskin has shown accurate information about the iPhone 11 months before its release.

The system is reminiscent of the iPad multitasking system. In the iPadOS multitasking system, users could divide the screen to show two apps at the same time. If the apps are integrated, the users can drag and drop information, data, and files to the displayed apps in the multitasking mode

As of now, the full features added to the iPhone as of the iOS 14 update is still unknown. Other iOS 14 update leaks is speculated to be allowing other apps similar to Apple’s built-in apps on the App Store. Users could also set these rival apps as the iPhone’s default. Apple has long been relying only on its own apps for many services on the iOS and other Apple devices. Other than just introducing rival apps on the platform, the other apps could also be integrated to other Apple smart devices such as Spotify integrating well with the HomePods.

The iOS 14 is said to be revealed at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 this June. Apple has yet to reveal any details about the iOS 14 and the full lineup of reveals on the event. For now, fans will have to wait and see if these iOS 14 features are true.

apple ios 11 Apple's iOS 11 for iPhones and iPads. Photo: Apple