• Apple is considering loosening its restrictions on the App Store and allow rivals on the platform
  • Other services can be set as the default app
  • This might be added in the iOS 14 update

Apple is currently thinking of allowing rival platforms on the App Store as part of a future major update on the iOS. Rival apps such as those from Google, Microsoft and other app providers would now be available on the App Store alongside Apple’s own apps. But what is Apple planning with this potential move?

Inside information coming from unnamed Apple employees confirmed that the company is loosening its control over third-party apps on the Apple platform, Bloomberg reported. The company is allowing Spotify to integrate well with the Apple HomePods smartspeaker. More than just letting these apps in, Apple may allow users to also set as their default instead of the iPhone immediately referring them to an Apple app.

For now, Apple devices mostly use the company’s own browser, music player and other service apps if needed to open up websites, files, and other features. The company has also been investing in building its own health app, credit card service and other subscriptions. Once the third-party apps from other companies surge in, Apple will be in major competition with its rivals in the smartphone industry when it comes to App Store apps.

Apple is also pressured by the U.S. House of Representatives antitrust panel due to its closed system of apps. The company is only allowing its own apps on its devices, which had authorities investigating whether or not the company is blocking the competition with its rigorous rules.

To allow other developers in and possibly avoid any legal pressure in the future, Apple is considering opening the App Store for other developers too. The update will reportedly arrive with the next major iOS update, the iOS 14.

No release date has been confirmed for the next major iOS update, but Apple has two major events coming in the first half of 2020. The first event is expected to happen this March. Meanwhile, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 is expected to be held in June.

More information about the iOS 14 App Store open season for services and apps could be announced during these events.

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