Apple has issued EFI firmware update for Macbook Air system to address issues with Lion Internet Recovery and compatibility for the upcoming Thunderbolt displays that Apple is developing. Following this update, Apple released updates for Mac Mini and MacBook Pro to offer stability enhancement for Lion Internet Recovery, Apple Thunderbolt Display compatibility and Thunderbolt Target Disk Mode.

MacBook Air model support one Thunderbolt display while, the 2011 MacBook Pro notebook and other Thunderbolt-based Macs can support two displays.

The updates address issues with OS X Lion’s “Internet Recovery” feature in Mac Mini and works on MacBook Pro, which did not have the feature before.

According to the updaters, OS X 10.7 Lion or later is required to apply them, and when installed the boot ROM version on the Mac Mini will be MM51.88Z.0077.B0A.1109091226, and for the MacBook Pro it will be MBP81.88Z.0047.B1E.1109091244.

You can download the software from Software Update or from Apple’s Support website. On connecting your computer to the power, your computer will reboot to install the firmware.