Apple is reportedly looking to the redesign the iPhone 11 Max’s mute switch in such a way that snartphone owners will have to learn a new way to use it. Here’s what we know about this mute switch redesign.

New insider info revealed that Apple may be planning to remake the mute switch mechanism on the iPhone 11 Max, according to iPhonehacks. Instead of sliding vertically, the mute switch would now have to be moved from left to right. The switch’s shape has also been changed from a rectangle to a round one. The move is believed to be Apple’s way of optimizing the device for more space.

The switch is a quick method of putting the iPhone device on silent mode. Through a simple nudge to a specific side of the mute switch, owners can easily hush their phone if they need it to be silent or they just want to avoid hearing loud sounds from incoming messages and calls.

Other than the mute switch, a case maker, Olixar, has made a mock full render of what the iPhone 11 Max could look like. So far, reports claimed that the new iPhone 11 will have a square camera bump with three camera lenses with a LED flash. The triple camera setup allows the device to take photos with some depth and improves the quality of these shots.

Officially, Apple has yet to reveal details about the iPhone 11’s release. During the Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 this June, most of Apple’s announcements were about its iOS upgrades and not about their devices. Information about the iPhone 11’s launch date and exact device details were barely covered.

For now, fans will have to wait for more information about the upcoming iPhone 11, which is rumored to be scheduled for release in late 2019. As for releasing new devices, Apple has recently opted for silent and sudden launches of new devices through a simple press release on their official site. Smart devices are rarely the main focus of their announcements during major events this 2019.