Apple is stepping up the aesthetics of its iOS 10 platform. The release of iOS 10.2 beta to public beta testers can prove this. The new beta build reportedly comes with new wallpapers, emojis, a new widget and a brand new fullscreen effect for the Messages app. It also comes with new Music sorting options. 

According to 9To5Mac, Music sorting was previously only possible via the preference panel in the Settings app. With the new beta, users can actually sort songs while in the Music app. Also, new filters have been added, so users can now sort playlists by Title, Type and Recently added. 

In addition to the new Music sorting options, iOS 10.2 beta also enables Star Ratings. Users can enable this functionality by heading to the Music app preferences in the Settings app. Once Star Ratings is switched on, users rate a song by activating 3D Touch options when clicking on a track. 

Other improvements refer to the new Preserve Settings panel in the Camera app, a new splash screen for Siri and the new Press and Hold to Speak menu under the Accessibility settings for the Home button. The first one allows users to preserve the setting they had used in the stock Camera app. The second one pertains to the welcome screen of Siri once it has been enabled, while the last one refers to the option that lets users access Voice Control by just pressing the Home button.

AppleInsider reports iOS 10.2 beta also comes with an additional headphone icon for the status bar, a new widget for the Videos app, a new "Celebration" fullscreen effect for Messages, and three new wallpapers. The wallpapers are said to be inspired by the original iMac candy shell colors. 

Perhaps the biggest upgrade that this upcoming update will bring to iOS 10-running devices would be the numerous emojis that include Unicode 9 characters, such as the clown, selfie, fox, owl, shark, face palm and many more. The human emojis are said to be available in both male and female sexes. A detailed look at the different emojis that will arrive with iOS 10.2 can be found here

iOS 10.2 is available for download to public beta testers starting this Tuesday — just more than a week since iOS 10.1 with the promised Portrait mode for the dual-lens camera was released to public users. According to MacRumors, beta testers who are part of Apple’s beta testing program can download the new beta via the beta testing website.