In the US, people get together during Thanksgiving to celebrate and express their gratitude for everything they have achieved or received in a year. Just in time for the celebration, there are many things that Apple products provide for its users. Here is a rundown of the Apple software features that we should be thankful for, or we could not live without.

Apple Music

When Apple launched the Apple Music, many consumers thought Steve Jobs was crazy because nobody wants to rent their music. But, only visionaries can see the future. In the age of video and music streaming, Apple Music is a nifty feature that makes our lives convenient and access to music easy. Apple Music has a massive library of songs in different categories. It even has the official soundtrack of the latest film, “Ford vs Ferrari."

US tech giant Apple held talks with Russia before showing the annexed peninsula of Crimea as Russian territory on its apps Apple has been under fire recently with several security and political issues surrounding the Cupertino tech juggernaut. Photo: AFP / Josh Edelson


In the past, we use to move files from one device to another using a floppy disk and then later through a USB dongle, infrared, and Bluetooth. Imagine the inconvenience and the risk that losing the diskette or the USB means losing all the hours of hard work and effort. But, thanks to Apple AirDrop, we no longer have to worry about misplacing our floppy disks or getting it corrupted. Now, all our files can be easily transferred and stored in a secure location courtesy of AirDrop, with the help of an Internet connection, of course.

iCloud Keychain

For busy people or those with short-term memory loss, who tend to forget their passwords even right after they keyed it in, the iCloud Keychain is a work of magic. The seamless integration not only with websites but also with apps on different Apple devices makes remembering and setting strong passwords a breeze. 


Apple CarPlay offers a more convenient way of viewing directions by providing a better and bigger picture of the route on the car’s dashboard. It also comes with a much superior user interface for drivers. Apple Carplay is integrated with Siri that makes it easier to issue commands. Furthermore, it comes with Messages integration that makes it possible to answer text messages without getting distracted while driving.