Apple TV
Apple just released tvOS 10.2 for the Apple TV. The Cupertino giant has also updated the Apple TV remote app. Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn

Apple is finally rolling out tvOS 10.2 to the general public. The release of the software update comes weeks after the sixth and final beta for developer testing was launched last March 14. It also comes after several months since a major update for the Apple TV was launched back in September of last year.

The tvOS 10.2 software update comes with a lot of changes and enhancements. Now, users can do accelerated scrolling in apps since the scrolling behavior of the operating system has been improved. The update also adds support for the Device Enrollment Program as well as improved device management. It also includes VideoToolbox that helps developers with speedy encoding and decoding, as per Apple Insider.

To install tvOS 10.2, which also comes with under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes, users should first download the software update on the fourth-generation Apple TV by heading to the Settings app. From there, one should press System, then Software Update to start downloading the update for installation. Another way is by turning the automatic software update option in the Settings app. This automatically downloads and installs software updates, so users won’t have to worry with having to manually upgrade the operating system.

Aside from releasing tvOS 10.2, Apple has also launched a new version of the Apple TV Remote app. MacRumors has learned that the new version of the app has iPad support, thereby, allowing users to run the Remote app on the tablet. Previously, this feature was only allowed on the iPhone. The interface of the Apple TV Remote app for the iPad is very similar to that of the iPhone version. The only difference between the two is the larger screen estate can accommodate display features better. For instance, the Now Playing window has broader controls.

In addition, the Remote app has also been update to include an enhanced Now Playing experience. What this means is that users can now view lyrics and playlists for music, audio tracks, chapters and even captions for TV shows and movies. General software performance enhancements and stability improvements are part of the Remote app update as well.