The Apple Watch Series 5 is set to be launched later this year, but it’s already making rounds in the rumor mill.

For one, we’re sure that news of the next version of the Apple smartwatch focusing more on health functions are accurate. Apple could be coming up with a reliable health tool that’s not only capable of measuring a wearer’s heart rate but might be also used to track one’s sleeping habits, determine blood sugar levels and even detect poisonous gases in the atmosphere.

Aside from these, some speculations also point to an Apple Watch Series 5 that could measure blood pressure and could even have some motion sensors creating a state-of-the-art wearable gadget.

Now aside from all these, some Apple analysts are hoping for another feature that could make the next Apple watch even more powerful -- a standalone Siri watch face.

The Apple Watch’s faces have developed through the years and have always been an interesting point of discussion. The Siri watch face was offered in watchOS 4 and it worked seamlessly when it comes to giving relevant content updates throughout the day. This watch face works by using data from various sources and in the watchOS 5 update, it was even able to get info from third-party applications.  

For the new Apple Watch, this report noted that it would be pretty interesting to combine both the Siri watch face and the standard Infographic Modular to create a simple and useful Apple Watch interface that the Cupertino brand is actually known for.

This way, users save the time of switching among watch faces just to get to the function one really needs. For example, instead of the constant Carrot Weather, Overcast, Messages, and Email that’s displayed via the Infographic Modular, a user can replace it with more lifestyle apps like game score tracking or perhaps any of the Apple fitness apps depending on the time of the day.

Using the Siri complication for this face would allow the user to intelligently “rotate” functions depending on the user’s activity or “behavior” as detected by the Apple Watch.

And as this can be applied in the upcoming watchOS 6 this Fall, we’re pretty sure that the Apple Watch Series 5 can benefit from this update.