Apple Computer Inc. said on Tuesday its iTunes online music store would begin selling movies from Disney, Pixar, and Touchstone as the company makes its most aggressive move yet into the digital home.

Chief Executive Steve Jobs said newly released movies would initially cost $12.99 if pre-ordered or bought during the first week available. Library titles would cost $9.99, Jobs said at an event in San Francisco where the company also introduced new versions of its iPod digital music devices.

He said there are about 75 films now available for purchase on iTunes and that they would take about 30 minutes to download for those using a high-speed Internet connection.

The new iPods include one with the most capacity to date and sport video games such as Pac-Man and Tetris.

Jobs said the new 80 gigabyte iPod would cost $349. The company also introduced a new, thinner iPod Nano available in five colors with 24 hours' battery life.