Move to iOS
The migration app will allow users to wireless transfer data from their Android phone to a new iPhone. Reuters

Apple is making it easier than ever to switch from Google’s Android mobile OS to the iPhone. As part of its iOS 9 preview, the company quietly unveiled a new app called Move to iOS.

By running the app on an Android device, users can wirelessly move their information over from Android to a new iPhone or iPad. The app can transfer contacts, message history, camera photos, videos, bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpapers, DRM-free music and books.

Since Android apps don’t run on iOS, those won’t be moved. However, the app will attempt to find and suggest downloads for the same free apps where available, such as Facebook and Twitter. Paid apps will be added to users’ iTunes wish lists for future purchase. When the transfer process is done, Apple then reminds users the Android phone can be recycled at any Apple Store.

The Move to iOS app is expected to roll out on the App Store as well as Google Play store when iOS 9 launches in the fall. Apple’s migration app arrives as the company has cited an increased level of Android switchers to its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2015.

“We’re seeing fantastic results for iPhone, with revenue growth of 55 percent year on year, and we’re seeing a higher rate of switchers than we’ve experienced in previous iPhone cycles,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the company's April earnings call.

If launched with iOS 9 this fall, Apple’s Move to iOS app may also coincide with the launch of the the so-called “iPhone 6S.” The rumored device is expected to incorporate the Apple Watch's Force Touch sensing technology.