• Apple's latest and greatest Mac Pro is quite expensive, but is easy to repair
  • Teardown and repair site iFixit awarded the Mac Pro with a 9 out of 10 for repairability
  • Repairs or upgrades can be performed using only standard tools, or even just bare hands

Apple has been the subject of many complaints, particularly those related to the legislation giving consumers the right to repair their own electronic devices. The company's latest workstation, the Mac Pro, however, appears to have been designed so that buyers won't have a problem getting it fixed, if ever it needs to be repaired.

Repair company iFixit has proudly announced that Apple's latest and greatest Mac Pro yet is a highly repairable piece of technology, so easy that it has been awarded a “9 out of 10” in terms of “repairability,” with 10 as the highest score.

The Verge noted that this is a huge departure from the company's approach on repairability. Some of its products, such as the iPhone, MacBooks and more, aren't easy to repair at all. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has been awarded a “6 out of 10” for repairability, while the latest MacBook Air was given a very low score of “3 out of 10.”

The new Mac Pro, on the other hand, is very easy to open. Its components are easy to replace. Directions or steps on how to remove or replace parts are even given, making it easy to repair. Here are some of iFixit's final thoughts on the Mac Pro:

First, the repair site said the process of opening the Mac Pro, which involves turning and pulling the third handle, which is located atop the device, “couldn't be easier.” The repair site's technicians said they came to the the teardown of the Mac Pro “armed with many tools,” but were surprised to find out that all they needed “is our fingers.”

Second, basic repairs and upgrades are easy to do, and can be done “with standard tools or even no tools at all.” Removing the casing and RAM sticks won't require tools, while removing other components can be done with basic tools.

Third, major components are highly modular. What's more, they “use industry-standard sockets and interfaces,” which makes replacing them easy.

Fourth, as mentioned, Apple provides step numbers as well as diagrams, all of these found right there on the Mac Pro. If that's not enough, those who need more help can get free repair manuals from Cupertino.

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