The first phase of the fund-raising contest to name April the Giraffe's male calf was completed Tuesday and the top 10 names were revealed by the Animal Adventure Park. The livestream for April the giraffe, which drew millions of fans as it showed the animal giving birth, returned Tuesday after briefly going dark Friday.

After keeping millions waiting for two months, the giraffe gave birth on April 15, and now fans are voting to name the male calf. The calf was born weighing 129 pounds and stood at 5-feet-9.

The top 10 names are Allysa's Choice, Apollo, Geoffrey, Gio, Harpur, Noah, Ollie, Patch, Patches, and Unity. After the voting, the upstate zoo in New York will announce the name for the calf, tentatively by May 1. To vote for the name, fans have to pay $1 for the vote and each individual must vote at least 5 times, essentially meaning each person donates a minimum of $5.

The zoo says that the "second phase of the promotion will last about 5 days. At the end of voting we will reveal the winning name.”

To participate, go to

The funds raised from the voting will be split and donated to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation; Ava's Little Heroes, which supports local families and their children experiencing unexpected medical journeys and expenses; and the park's initiative to improve animal and guest experiences.

Even though April already gave birth, more than 80,000 people tuned in to watch her live stream. The Facebook announcement of the live cam returning Tuesday received nearly 50,000 likes and more than 5,000 comments from excited fans.

"Good Morning America" visited Animal Adventure Park Monday to meet April’s calf, who will have a name soon.

The recent Facebook daily updates from the park focus more on April and its calf.

“Mom and baby had a great day! Baby is strong and well, nursing like a champ,” the zoo wrote the day after the calf was born.