The now world-famous giraffe couple, April and Oliver, could soon be welcoming a new calf. The Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, released a video hinting at some exciting news coming from April the giraffe, who went viral across the nation after the park decided to live stream the birth of its first calf.

Millions of viewers were glued to the live feed as they waited for April to give birth. The extensive wait made some users claim the live stream was a hoax. But all speculation came to rest when April gave birth to her first calf Tajiri on April 15, 2017.

Now once again there could be some happy news for the park as they are trying to confirm April's second pregnancy. According to a Facebook post from the park, authorities have been gathering samples for 30 days and testing them in a lab to confirm the news. 

It is unclear if April's second pregnancy will also be live streamed by the park. 

Last year, the park received overwhelming support during April's pregnancy leading up to the birth of Tajiri. During the time, the park sent out daily updates for the fans who were eagerly waiting for April to go into labor. 

On April 14, 2017, the not-so-patient fans were super excited to see some light discharge coming out of the giraffe. April’s mate Oliver routinely popped his head over to her enclosure to look on as the mother walked around trying to push the calf out.

The zoo posted a quote from Jordan, one of the veterinarians, about the calf’s birth.

“What I found astonishing was the meaning and purpose behind every move April made during delivery. This was evident when calf's face and head emerged from her body, but baby was not yet delivered. April meticulously and gracefully cleaned out his mouth and nostrils to remove any mucus that could cause obstruction, all made possible by her long tongue,” Jordan said in his statement. "At that moment, my faith in ‘design by nature’ was completely reinforced.”