Both rough and refined, board-formed concrete plays an important role in architecturally significant buildings and residential interiors. It can warm up stark modern interiors and provide a cool contrast to warm woods. Made by pouring wet concrete in a temporary board frame, or mold, the concrete that is revealed when the framing is removed is as varied as the types of boards used-knotty and rough, or smooth like plywood sheets. Another variable in the finished look is the size of the gaps between boards, widely spaced boards create a rough raised effect; tightly spaced boards create a smoother look.

A detail from the Sunset Lake Tahoe Idea House
Exterior of Hayward Gallery in London 
The The pressed concrete corridor at the Magma Arts & Congress Center, which is largely built of concrete. Via Wallpaper
A bath in a Mill Valley house by Quezada Architecture
A wood-pressed concrete fireplace in a California home by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects
A wood-pressed fireplace in a Sea Ranch residence by Nick Noyes Architecture

We like the rough grain effect in the pressed concrete in a Long Island house by Murdock Young Architects

Concrete walls poured against plywood sheets provide a nice contrast with the glossy white cabinets in this sleek kitchen