Daniel Radcliffe may have been little more than a twinkle in his father’s eye in 1978, and a distant twinkle at that, but a leaked high school yearbook photo from the '70s has some fans wondering if the “Harry Potter” star stumbled upon a time-turner.

This photo of two Andy Samberg and Daniel Radcliffe look-alikes, uploaded by a Reddit user on Friday, allegedly came from a 1978 high school yearbook. Reddit / Tackytick

The photo came from a decades-old yearbook that was allegedly discovered by a Reddit user. It features two doppelgangers of Radcliffe, 24, and Andy Samberg, 35, in glossy black-and-white. The young men in the photo sport shag haircuts, flannel shirts and doofy grins.

The original poster captioned it: "What Andy Samberg and Daniel Radcliffe would’ve looked like in the 70s (real pic, found in a HS yearbook from 1978).” But the throwback photo was apparently a little too compelling for some Redditors to simply dismiss it as sheer coincidence. The top-voted comment in the thread read: “So you telling me this is'nt [sic] Andy Samberg and Daniel Radcliffe in the 70's?”

The rest of the thread then predictably shifted into a series of “Lost” jokes, followed by some “Harry Potter” time travel theories, although it surprisingly steered clear of Illuminati rumors.

“Isn't it obvious?” one Redditor asked. “Harry Potter had to have received the time turner from Hermione as a gift at some point after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry then traveled to the muggle world to find the one and only Andy Samberg of the Lonely Island super group. Fueled by the time turners magic, and a will to dance to 70's disco music, the duo traveled to the wonderful era.”

“I think this is proof that Harry Potter is real and they just made a movie about him to prevent muggles from getting suspicious,” another wrote, before a Reddit jumped in with a correction. “Nope, Harry was born in July 31 1980. It could be James.”

It’s worth noting that even while suspending disbelief of magic and time travel, the hopeful “Potter” theory fails to account for some major discrepancies, the first and most obvious of which is that the two actors have an 11-year age difference. Secondly, photos already exist on the Web of Andy Samberg in high school, and he doesn’t appear at any point in his teen years to have resembled his alleged doppelganger. And thirdly, unlike the two men in the Reddit photo, Samberg and Radcliffe have a noticeable height difference, as evidenced in a recent photograph of the two.

But maybe J.K. Rowling will explain all in her new Pottermore website