Forbes’ annual “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” list was released earlier this week, but you might be surprised to learn that neither Meghan Markle nor Kate Middleton made the cut.

Despite how much attention the two garner from the public on a daily basis, and despite all of the events they attend and the charitable initiatives they’re always working on, Markle and the Duchess of Cambridge’s names are not on the list.

They do have a royal relative who made it, though. Out of the 100 women on the listing, Queen Elizabeth II ranks among the top 25 most powerful women of the world. She comes in at number 23, right below Laurene Powell Jobs and right above Ivanka Trump.

The Duchess of Sussex knows another name on the list, as well. Her good friend, Priyanka Chopra, who attended Markle’s royal wedding to Prince Harry in May, is on it. The “Quantico” alum, who just had her own wedding to Nick Jonas last week, is ranked at 94. Right before her, at 93, is Aileen Lee, and right after her, at 95, is Rania Nashar.

It’s only been a little more than half a year since Markle officially joined the royal family, which means she’s still ramping up all of her royal duties. The mom-to-be has plenty of time to grow her reach and worldly influence before next year’s list is released.