A commuter train crash in Buenos Aires today has killed at least 49 people. CNN is reporting that over 600 people have been injured in the crash.

The state media has said that the train plowed into a platform on Wednesday. Casualties are expected to increase, and Transportation Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi is calling the accident very serious.

Schiavi said that the train came into the platform too fast. As a result, the front of the engine was smashed, and the cars behind it were crunched. The Transportation Secretary said that one train car had actually went almost 20 feet (six meters) into the next one. Impact of the crash caused windows to explode. The speed of the train when it came into the station is thought to be between 16 - 18 m.p.h. (26 - 30 k.p.h.).

According to the Associated Press, train passengers are trapped in the first car. Emergency crews opened up the roof of the train to get commuters out.

Authorities currently believe that the accident was caused by the train's breaks. Ruben Sobrero, train workers' union chief told Radio La Red that yesterday the brakes worked well. It braked without problems at previous stations, said Sobrero.

The motorman is currently in the hospital. According to Sobrero, the union has yet to talk with him about the crash.

This crash is being called Argentina's worst train accident in decades. Another fatal train accident occurred on Feb. 1, 1970, when 200 people were killed after two trains crashed into each other at full speed.

Check back for more updates as information is released.