Ariana Grande Billboard Music Awards 2016
Ariana Grande, pictured at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 22, 2016, almost fell on the red carpet. Getty Images

Ariana Grande almost fell flat on her face on the red carpet (or should we say pink carpet) at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. The singer, who dazzled in a blue halter gown for the annual telecast, walked the carpet and posed for photos without a hitch, but almost lost it when stopping to chat with E! News host Sibley Scoles.

As Grande was walking up the steps to meet Scoles, her foot appeared to get caught in her gown, causing her to fall up the steps on live TV. Thankfully, Scoles was there to catch her before she hit the ground. “Oh sweet Jesus,” Grande yelled as she and Scoles tried to play it off by posing for the camera. “I almost broke my a--.”

Grande laughed off her mishap but couldn’t seem to concentrate on the interview. Interrupting Scoles, the “Focus” singer asked if they could replay the footage of her tripping so she could see it one more time. “You got to make it work, people,” she said. “A lot of theater.”

It’s a good thing Grande didn’t get hurt because she’s slated to perform at the awards show. According to Billboard, she’s going to perform new music from her album “Dangerous Woman.” Grande is also up for top female artist against Rihanna.