Josh Henderson as Kyle West
Kyle West (Josh Henderson) tells Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) that he is figuring out a way to stop Terence (Michael Vartan) from controlling his life in the promo clip for Season 1, episode 8 of “The Arrangement.” E! Entertainment

It looks like Kyle West (Josh Henderson) is really done with Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) and the Institute of the Higher Mind.

At the end of the intense argument between Kyle and Terence in Season 1, episode 7 of “The Arrangement” — in which the former confronted the latter for pimping him up with Detective Gaffey (Tracy Waterhouse) — the movie star told the head of the Institute of the Higher Mind not to come near him ever again. And based on the promo clip for Season 1, episode 8, it seems that Kyle meant everything he said.

“I’m surrounded with people who use me to get what they want. And I’m trying to figure out a way to change all that,” Kyle tells his girlfriend, Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista), in the video.

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Thinking of the worst case scenario, DeAnn (Lexa Doig) asks her husband, Terence, what his next step will be if Kyle doesn’t come back. Surprisingly, despite everything that happened, Terence sounds sure that Kyle will eventually return.

Surprisingly, as revealed in the synopsis for episode 8, Kyle also finds himself in hot water with DeAnn when the two clash over the actor’s next project. Last episode, DeAnn told Terence that after a lot of soul-searching, she realized that they need to rethink their approach regarding Kyle’s upcoming directing gig. Perhaps, Kyle doesn’t agree with DeAnn’s new approach, and that’s what caused the rift between them.

Meanwhile, also in episode 8, Megan starts her new TV project with her childhood idol, Charlotte Banks. Last episode, Megan got a call from her agent, Leslie (Autumn Reeser), telling her that she’s scheduled to read with Charlotte for the latter’s upcoming limited series on Hulu. As it turned out, Banks’ producing partner saw Megan in her play and decided to call Leslie after firing one of the original cast members of the series.

In addition, Terence also makes one of Megan’s closest friends, Shaun (Carra Patterson), an intriguing offer. What could it be?

“The Arrangement” Season 1, episode 8, titled “The Betrayal,” airs on Sunday, April 23 at 10 p.m. EDT on E!