With the upcoming crossover between the CW shows “Arrow” and “The Flash,” one key character might have some difficulty playing both sides of the fence. After having a mild flirtation with the lightening-fast Central City hero, actress Emily Bett Rickards is teasing what her character, Felicity, will have to deal with when she’s in a room with the duo once again. 

For those who don’t know, both the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) and the Flash (Grant Gustin) will partner up to take down a new villain next week as well as introduce the power team that will make up DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” in 2016. While the episode will focus mostly on the superheroes taking on the notorious immortal villain, Rickards revealed some details about her character’s previous love triangle with the two heroes. 

As fans of “Arrow” know, Felicity and Oliver Queen (Amell) have always had a thing for each other, which came to fruition only in the recent season. With her now in a serious relationship with Oliver, many fans are wondering how Barry Allen (Gustin) will react. Previously, Felicity had a flirtation with the Flash that never actually went anywhere. When asked by Entertainment Tonight if Allen will be OK with Felicity being off the market, the actress said it wouldn’t be an issue.

“[Barry and Felicity] never really talked about what their relationship was. I mean, obviously they had chemistry, and they’re great friends, and they’re both very scientific, and their minds work a lot alike," Rickards said. "But that passion and that love is obviously what Felicity and Oliver have. That’s how our relationships move and work in real life, so that’s how it worked for them.” 

Fortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any animosity from the Flash since he and Felicity never moved beyond the world of playful banter and meaningful looks. However, it probably helps that Allen is going into the major crossover event with a new love interest of his own. As People previously reported, Season 2 of “The Flash” saw the iconic comic book hero develop a bit of a romance with the character Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten). So with both of the heroes juggling wonderful things in their romantic lives, they can focus all their attention on the new immortal villain that’s seeking to take over the world through the use of magic. After all, isn’t that what superhero fans would rather see? 

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