While Season 4 of the CW’s “Arrow” has brought back a slew of characters from the past already, it’s going to do it once again in episode 12 of the hit action series. However, unlike previous resurrections and returns, this time it takes a brand new villain to make it happen. 

According to TV Line, “Arrow” has tapped the talent of “Everwood,” “Eli Stone” and “No Ordinary Family” star Tom Amandes to play a villain plucked directly from the pages of DC Comics in a story arc during Season 4. However, what’s perhaps the most important element of Amandes’ casting is that his character will be used to help bring Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) back to Star City and Team Arrow.

For those that don’t remember, Harper (a.k.a. Arsenal) left the show in Season 3 after faking his own death in prison after taking the fall for Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) as the masked vigilante known as the Arrow. According to E! Online, the actor had only signed on for two years and left after his contract was up to pursue other ventures. However, he knew that he enjoyed his role on the show so the writers purposely left the door open for him to come back. Recently, Haynes made the big announcement of Roy’s return by posting a tweet indicating that he’s back on the set of “Arrow.” 

The question now becomes why Harper will decide to come back to Star City. While it’d be nice to think he misses his friends, and star-crossed lover Thea (Willa Holland), the truth might be a bit more sinister. It seems Amandes’ character may not be coming back to the city of his own free will. The actor will be bringing the DC Comics villain The Calculator to life when he shows up on “Arrow” in a two-episode story arc beginning in episode 12. The villain is described as a bit of a super-genius and criminal mastermind. Apparently, that’s also when Haynes will return as The Calculator will be blackmailing his character out of hiding in order to do his bidding in Star City. 

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