For those that haven’t been paying attention to the CW’s “Arrow” Season 4, you may not have noticed that the show is breaking away from science and technology to introduce the more mystical elements of its DC Comics universe. In order to explain these elements, the series is orchestrating a very unique crossover event that will loop in a character from another network -- John Constantine (Matt Ryan).

Fortunately for “Arrow” fans, CW and NBC were able to come to an agreement that will allow Matt Ryan’s character to join Team Arrow in the special crossover event. Despite the actor’s current commitment to the play “Therese Raquin” on Broadway (via Variety), the schedule worked out so that he can reprise his role from the short-lived NBC series “Constantine” at least one more time on another network. 

Speaking to ComicBook the actor was asked if, given the character’s newfound ability to jump networks, he’d consider reprising the role a second time on another one of the DC’s television properties such as “The Flash,” “Legends of Tomorrow” or “Gotham.” Unfortunately, the actor’s response was tepid.

“Do you know what? At the moment, I'm concentrated on the play. I'm doing this play til January,” he said. “But I love this character; it's one of my most favorite characters I've ever played and having this chance to play him again has been great. I wouldn't say no to another opportunity of donning the trench coat again.”

As International Business Times previously reported, the character first appeared on TV in the short-lived “Constantine” series, which ran for 13 episodes on NBC. Once it became clear that the show was circling the drain at NBC, “Arrow” star Stephen Amell, who happened to be one of its cult fan followers, offered to appear as The Green Arrow in an episode of the second season. Unfortunately, that season never came as NBC pulled the plug on the show. However, with “Arrow” introducing mystical elements with its principal new villain, Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), it seemed like the perfect time to bring a character with Constantine’s unique supernatural abilities into the fold. 

While the character’s mere presence in the “Arrow” universe automatically means he exists in “The Flash” and the upcoming “Legends of Tomorrow” as well, that doesn’t mean that he’d be contractually allowed to appear on either of those shows. After all, the crossover event with “Arrow” is a very unique circumstance and probably required a lot of behind-the-scenes dealing before it could become a reality. However, with new life breathed into the “Constantine” character, there's no doubt fans are hoping for good news on the crossover front sometime in the near future.