"Arrow" Season 4 will feature a crossover between characters Constantine (Matt Ryan, left) and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell, right) as they try to save a former member of Team Arrow. Find out what you need to know about the lead of the former NBC series. CW

The CW’s “Arrow” has been a fantastic place for crossovers within the DC Comics TV world thanks to shows like “The Flash” and the upcoming “Legends of Tomorrow.” However, its latest crossover event not only introduces the supernatural to Star City, but a character plucked directly from an entirely different network.

It was revealed at the 2015 Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour that “Arrow” and the CW would be extending the life of John Constantine (Matt Ryan) just a little bit longer so that the DC Comics character can go on one more adventure with Team Arrow, according to Screen Rant. Ryan previously brought the character to life on the short-lived NBC series “Constantine.” Unfortunately for its close-knit group of fans, the peacock network pulled the plug on the series, but not before “Arrow” lead Stephen Amell professed his desire to guest star on an episode of the NBC supernatural drama as the famous Green Arrow. With Deadline reporting the show was beyond resurrection NBC, “Arrow” producers and DC Comics were able to cut a one-time-only deal that will resurrect John Constantine to help the characters of “Arrow” with their current Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) predicament.

With the supernatural-leaning character making his way to “Arrow,” many fans that are unfamiliar with DC Comics’ supernatural and mystical storylines may be scratching their heads wondering who this hero actually is. According to his bio on the official DC Comics website, John Constantine is a comic book character that first appeared in 1984. While Oliver Queen (Amell) mostly deals with high-tech bad guys, Constantine is aware of the world’s magical villains and devotes his time and abilities to combating supernatural threats around the world.

While Constantine doesn’t have any super powers per se, he’s proved himself very adept at studies of the occult, divination, demon summoning, curses and is usually noted for an above-average level of cunning and deception. In the TV series, the Liverpool, England, native was raised by his abusive father after his mother died giving birth to him. At a young age, he learned the ways of the occult from a nun he befriended and later became intimate with. When he tried to summon a demon to help with a possessed friend, his inexperience dabbling with dark forces cost the friend her life, creating a guilt that shaped him into the demonologist and general superhero that he is today.

The character’s back door into the Arrow-verse will be the Lazarus Pit, which has been a significant plot device for the series since Season 3. Without going into too much detail, the pit is meant to heal wounds and has even proven effective in curing people who are on the brink of death. However, when Sara was placed inside after being dead for nearly two years, she returned a dangerous being devoid of her soul. While Team Arrow’s flashy new computers are no match for whatever is ailing their former ally, Constantine is uniquely qualified to return someone’s soul from wherever souls tend to scamper off to.

It’s unclear what will happen during Constantine’s cameo in Season 4, episode 5, but audiences know that things end up alright for Sara. The character can be seen kicking bad guys left and right in previews for the upcoming “Arrow” spinoff “Legends of Tomorrow,” which is set to premiere in 2016.